Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17th Another scorcher!

Got these from Facebook about the saunter on Sat evening:

Had Dr. Raymaker this am about my back, need an MRI tomorrow at 1015 on my back. 
Bette went in to and had some meds adjusted. Then to the radio installer to see about the Sirrus Radio, he had the part I needed.   Then down to DMV to have address changes, then the bank for cash, then to see Robbie about Motor Home stuff at Ocean Grove, then to lunch in Hastings with Dan and Kippy.  Back home, tried to get the Sirrus Radio turned on, spent 15 minutes on the phone with a non English speaking agent and they tried to charge me, so I hung up on them.  Will try later with a supervisor. 

Packing some this afternoon, MRI tomorrow, and other chores. 

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