Saturday, December 16, 2017

December 16th Medallion is in!

Friday report:  The Medallion dash controller came in!  Ricky installed it, and now the dash lights work!  

So, for now, we are done.  We will sit down Tuesday and settle with Alliance- Last time we heard it was about 8800 dollars. We are scheduled for a courtesy wash on Monday, and will fill up propane on Monday as well.  And fuel up for the return trip.  Will take it easy over the weekend, may hit Wal Mart for groceries.  
Did a lot of trip planning over the last couple of days.  

Thursday, December 14, 2017

December 14th Part didn't come in, so we sat, new rugs, new camera.

We wound up sitting the whole day, as the Medallion didn't show up.  Supposed to be here tomorrow.  

Went to Wal Mart yesterday and bought new rugs for the coach, the others were 5+ years old!

Also went to Target this afternoon, and got a new Canon PowerShot 50x zoom!  It was on sale.  Saved $130.00.  

Medallion should be in tomorrow.  We'll leave on Tuesday the 19th.  

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

December 13th Back in for accident repair....

Back in the shop today for accident repairs....they came out Monday to put the doors on.  Today, they are straightening a rail that was damaged.  

The new doors 

The tab to keep the door shut, due to the rail being twisted
Another shot below:

Update:  At 115 pm, the coach was delivered back to us, and we emptied the tanks!  They resolved the door sticking out- and repaired the rail.  

Monday, December 11, 2017

December 11th Coldest morning yet!

Big cold snap this morning!

Think we may have the day off again, waiting for the 2 panels to come in.  Fixing to check up at the office in a few minutes.  

Did revised trip planning most of the weekend- Bette suggested we not do New Mexico and Arizona in the heat of July/August, and head directly to San Diego metro instead, made lots of sense.  

Also worked some on my classes for next semester.  

Saturday, December 9, 2017

December 9th Rains came!

Rained most of the night.....

Earlier photos of how the slide out was coming in too far- turned out the bolt  was sheared off, so it came in too far, but that has now been fixed as well.

Think Bette is going over to Brooksville to play with Dick and Pat, our friends from Maine who came over last Sat.  Think a trip to Hobby Lobby is in order!   I will work on School stuff.  

Friday, December 8, 2017

December 8th Change of plans.....

Well, it was bound to happen.  The fender that we were told was on order now does not exist. The excuse we were given was it was listed wrong on the inventory- so now it will be 2 weeks before the new fender will arrive, so now plans have changed.  We were scheduled to leave on Dec 19th- so the plan now is to have the two panels installed next week, hopefully by Thursday, and pending arrival of the Medallion on Friday, install that, then we are done.  

We will have to come back for a week to have the fender installed and the painting done on the 3 panels.  Not sure yet what impact that will have on our spot in St. Augustine.  

So we are now taking the weekend off, then waiting on the panels to arrive.  

Justin and the team have been great, so it eases the pain!  

Thursday, December 7, 2017

December 7th Out of the shop for a while, and a discovery....

Today was chilly and rainy all day.  Started out with just slide seals going in the back slide, but Nicky discovered some bad adhesive, which probably led to the leaks that caused the floor problem.  

Photos below:

Older photo of adhesive failure

New adhesive installation..

Older photo of adhesive damage.

Started out with Ricky doing the back slide seals...

Tomorrow we have off- then the body shop takes over.  The two doors have been sent off campus to be fabricated.  The fender is still missing-  we called today for a tracking number,  but were 4 minutes late.  Left a phone message.   The Medallion unit was sent off to be programmed, and should be here next Friday or Monday.  If all the stars line up right, we will be able to leave and be back in St. Augustine by the 19th.  In the meantime, we wait until Monday we think.  

Saw this plate yesterday: