Sunday, October 22, 2017

October 22nd Busy fort day......

Spent most of the day at the Fort-  5 cannon shots, all good ones-  lots of families today....

Bette is out doing laundry at Joan's house, which is a nice gesture on her part!

Saw these plates today:

Scheduled to work at Fort tomorrow, but it's a short day, then grocery shopping, and meds shopping.  

Friday, October 20, 2017

October 20th Back in the Florida routine.....

Went to the Fort today for the first time in several months.  Just like I stepped back in!  Did lots of water battery duty.  Had lunch at Mary's.  Also had the Farragut Academy crew to learn the cannon drills, so we had 3 cannons for our demonstrations!  

Lots of plates today, it's Bike week at Daytona, so a lot were motorcycle plates:

After the Fort, came home, and we went over to Sharon's house to pick up our groceries that we had stored in her refrigerator.  Nice to have our food back!  

We are watching cable tv at the coach, yay, local channels!  

Tomorrow, we go grocery shopping, then I have a Changing of the Guard ceremony downtown.  Be at the fort in full uniform at 3, then we march from 6-730 or so.   

Thursday, October 19, 2017

October 19th Back to Florida!

A crazy trip to Florida and our home for the winter, St. John's RV....  we arrived at about 2 pm, and paid the first month's rent.  Then, on down to Ocean Grove to pick up the RV, then back to St. John's for our home for the next six months...  Pulled into space 9, tried to set up, and we had no power, even though the pedestal was good.  

So, back off to Ocean Grove we go-  I cranked up the generator on the way down, and that may have been the crux of the problem.  We had left the coach with Ocean Grove for over a week, and Robbie did remember to turn off the master switches, but probably failed to hit what we know as the "salesman switch, with probably drained the house batteries of voltage, and there simply wasn't enough juice to power everything up.  Back to St John's, genny running, and we are now ok, except the fridge won't switch over to shore power.  

Anyway, we are here!   Plan to go back to the Fort tomorrow for volunteering, Yay! Also, Saturday is a Changing of the Guard.  

Saw these plates today:

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

October 18th More chores

Bette decided she needed a new fall coat, so off to Kohl's we went, and got her one.  She just went back out to Wal Mart to add to the gas gift card, and to Wells Fargo to get the cash for our first month's rent at St. John's RV.  Been gathering up stuff to put in the car, which will be somewhat full.  

Did see this plate:

October 17th Chores again today...

Did chores again today-  Bette took Buster to be groomed, we went to McAlister's for lunch with Bev and Dave and Brandon, picked up Buster, and did some unpacking.  Will check with Robbie about the coach soon.  

Update, we checked with Robbie, and we will return to St. Augustine tomorrow, the 19th, and begin our stay at St. John's RV Park until May.  

Monday, October 16, 2017

October 16th Chores today....

Mostly did chores today-  took my computer and gps to Tina to get new maps, wouldn't load here at the house.  Also stopped at Lowe's to verify a gift card balance, and there was.  Also stopped in at Lidl's a new German grocery store in town that finally opened!  

Also got this photo from A&M from the ceremonies:

Will take it easy for the rest of the day......

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Saturday October 14th On up to South Carolina!

Went to Liar's Club, saw the guys, then dropped off the coach at Ocean Grove, then headed for SC about 1030.  Arrived about 5:30, about 360 mile drive.

Got unpacked, put up pins and balls, and rested and got caught up.  No real plans for this week, just filing stuff and doing Lander work.  

October 13th Change of plans....

Because of ants, we decided to leave Montgomery a day early and head on down to Palatka.

396 miles:  Max 70 mph, moving avg 53, Overall avg 41, Total travel time 9:35, Fuel consumption 7.6 mpg, 51 gals used.

This morning, we took the coach over to Ocean Grove and let Robbie look at it for a laundry list of repairs.  He will get back to us in a couple of days with estimates.  Looks like it may be a fair amount of both time and money!

We are currently at the Flying J at exit 305 on the I-95 for the night.  Drop the coach off at Ocean Grove in the morning, then head to SC for at least until the 19th.  

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

October 11th Did Selma, Alabama today!

Did Selma Al. today, which of course is the start of the Selma-Montgomery March back in 1965.

Saw these plates today:  

Also went to both stops on the Selma-Montgomery NHT, and got a Trail Pin.  

Here are some other random photos:

Also did the Post Office:

Think we may head out to Tallahassee and then to Palatka tomorrow, a day early. Too many ants!