Sunday, June 17, 2018

June 17th Home safe!

Back home in SC!  After a long day, Bette met us at the airport- after an 18 hour day- and Cooper and Brandon shared driving duties home, as a recognition of my "terrible driving."

Because of storms, we had to deviate our schedule from Seattle to Detroit:
Here is the planned route:

And the deviation:

And the Alaska Airlines flight:
Forgot the Detroit to Charlotte flight.  
It was very warm and sticky in Charlotte! Welcome home!
The weather will be hot and sticky from now on, pretty much.
Today will be chore day:  think we are all going out for Father's day lunch at a nice place uptown.  Then will be busy loading the coach for the trip, and doing laundry and such.

Looks like we spent $2,181.44 on the trip.  Not worried about the expense, we had wonderful times!
Saw these plates today:

Friday, June 15, 2018

June 15th Last day of trip- To Everett today..

Today is the last day of the trip- We have an 0800 flight tomorrow morning, have to wake up at 0430 for that one, and it will be a long day- We don't arrive until 9 pm Charlotte time.  Bette just texted me and advised they cancelled many flights to Charlotte yesterday because of a computer glitch.  That wouldn't work- the boys are quite ready to get home

For today, we have scheduled a visit to the Everett Aqua Sox field for a stamp and a pin, if they have it, then a visit for the Boeing factory tour.  Boys are excited to do that.  I wound up going to the Aqua Sox stadium, didn't get the stamp, and they just let me into the team store.  Looked for the stamp, but couldn't find it.  Got a Robinson Cano bobblehead and a new team ball- they didn't have a pin. :-(

We made it in plenty of time to the Boeing Tour, Cooper wound up not coming, since the shower was too cold.  He missed a good thing!  
This was a free photo!

the plane in back is used to transfer component parts and bring them into the plant.
The plane below is an Andropov, also used to transfer heavy parts.

Weather is typical for here:

Now all we have to do is get up very early in the morning, we have a 0730 boarding at Seattle and have to turn in the car as well.  Think 0430 will come early in the morning.  

Saw these plates today, plus no photos for the following:  KLK wrecker, TRAN, also saw Alberta and Saskatchewan today.


Thursday, June 14, 2018

June 14th Back to Seattle today..

Woke up early- today we are heading back up to Seattle, first stop will be Pike Place Market, so Brandon can find Lauren a hoodie, then we are scheduled to take the 245 Harbor tour, then we have a Mariners game on for the night.  

Jackie Bradley Jr threw us this ball during batting practice, after we mentioned we were from SC! The announced attendance was 38,470.

Above, the validation, and below the actual stamp for the field.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

June 13th Off to see the Derry's today in Tacoma!

Originally had lots of things planned today, but the boys got lazy on me.  
We have tickets for tonight's Tacoma Rainiers game, and we're meeting the Derry's for dinner, at Red Robin.  
Here we all are at dinner:

Thought we would go to some lighthouses, but one doesn't have a stamp, so we will pass on it, and do it when we are in Seattle on the big trip.  
Browns Point LH

Gig Harbor light, no stamp here

Point Robinson Light

This is Cheyney Field, home of the Tacoma Raniers.  Hope to get the game in, might be a rain out.  Need a ball, pin and stamp here... and got them all!

The Derry men

First stamp in new milb passport book! 135th venue visited

As the game started

The player for the Rainiers had just proposed marriage to his fiancé, and she said yes!

Today's trip: 47 miles altogether.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June 12th Metro Seattle today- National Parks and misc.

Brandon and I took off at 0900 for Seattle, Cooper took the day off.

To start with, took this shot of the majestic Mt. Rainier along the way:

First stop was the Klondike Gold Rush NHP, 
Got six stamps and a pin.

Then, the Wing Luke Museum, and affiliate member. Got 2 stamps and a pin there.

Then to the Swiftsure  Lightboat.  Got a pin at the Museum of History and Industry.

Next stop was the REI Flagship Store for 2 stamps, no pins.

The we went to the Museum of Pop Culture, since Brandon wanted to see the Marvel Exhibit.

Saw lots of neat exhibits

Lastly, we stopped at the Alki Point Lighthouse, but I boo booed the hours, they only give the stamp out on Sundays.  Have to hit this one on the return visit.

Lots of traffic on the way home, got back around 1630

Tomorrow is Tacoma and a visit with the Derrys.  and maybe a ball game at Tacoma Rainer's, if it doesn't rain.  Alternate plan is for the Derry kids and grands to go indoor carting.  

Saw these plates today: