Wednesday, February 14, 2018

February 14th Paint is now done and drying.

Victor from body shop says that the paint job is now drying, and I might could see it in an hour or so.  Also, the bed part came in!  Rick might install that soon.  

And, it's nearly done!  Just have to buff it tomorrow and put in the bed part, and we will be done!

Update 4:47 pm:  The bed part pump and remote were installed!  

Have to decide what to do:  We allegedly can't get in at St. John's RV until Tuesday.   Maybe Alliance will let us stay until then.  

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

February 13th Painting continues...

Jesse and the gang picked up the coach at 0730 this morning, and painting has begun.  
Also heard that the insurance company solved the missing check issue, and it's "in the mail."
Prior to primer being done on the fender.

Prime coat done.  

Saw this plate today in the campground.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Feb 11th and 12th.. They sent the wrong #@%^ fender!

February 11th  Took Sunday off.  
February 12th- today, in the shop at 0730, and Brian worked on the trim for the fridge, and added a side piece that had been damaged.  

At about 11, off to Jesse in the body shop to work on the fender and doors.  They sent the wrong fender!  

As you can see from the photo, this is actually the drivers side fender well.  Turns out they had already fabricated another fender, and had to modify the fender that was sent, drilling new holes for the backup light and running light.   Tomorrow, we are scheduled for paint.  

Jesse is a master body man!

The say we may be out by Wednesday, which is an opportunity, since we can't get in at St John's RV until the 19th.   

Saturday, February 10, 2018

February 10th Off for the weekend....

Fridge is all installed, and Bette is over the moon happy with it.  We ran out and got some ice cream, and it was frozen in 10 minutes!   

Saw these plates yesterday:

Went to Wal mart for provisions, and supplies.  

For coach things, they are supposed to pull us in Monday morning, and work on the cabinet work, and perhaps to begin the body work as well.  May be on our way by Friday next.  

Friday, February 9, 2018

February 9th The Fridge is going in!

Dave came and picked up the coach promptly at 0700 this morning, and got started right away on the residential fridge install.  

The new fridge

They took out the drivers side window to push in the new fridge!

Almost in....

Rick almost got squished.

The old fridge headed to the junk pile.

Where the empty fridge used to live.  

Dave working on the install

Dave reinstalling the Carbon monoxide smeller.

The new fridge- cabinet maker will trim on Monday.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

February 8th Repairs update

For today, our update is, toilet was repaired, residential fridge arrived, and will be installed starting at 0700 in the morning.  Bed pump was ordered, from Minnesota, and we should hear back on that by this afternoon.  Fridge install should take most of the day tomorrow- they have to take out the driver's side window to bring it into the coach.  Big job!  

Probably headed off to Wal Mart soon to go shopping-  Need a new toaster oven as well as provisions.  Bette can't eat anything but soup because of her denture being broken.  

Tomorrow we will dump our tanks, on the way to the installation.  Tomorrow will be our 5th day.  At the limit.  

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

February 7th Moving along....

Rick came and picked up the coach this morning at 0715.  Said he would work on the genny oil/filter change, and the chassis lube job, and prep work for the other things on the list.  

Probably have to go to Wal Mart today.  

Update on repairs:  Toilet and fireplace issues have been addressed.  Still a leak in the toilet, part being overnighted in.  Fridge issue still open, may try to install residential, have to wait and see what the extended warranty people say on that.  Bed issue is a bad pump, waiting on warranty people for that.  fuel door screws have been re-installed.  Door latch has been repaired.  Hoping to get into the body shop perhaps on Friday.  So, we wait.  Generator service is complete, and chassis lube is done.  

While here, Bette broke her denture, snapped it in two!  Have to get that replaced when we get back to St. Augustine.   Poop.  Bad deal for her.  

6:09 PM:  Good news, bad news!

Good news is truly good news.  Justin talked to the warranty company, and all 3 of the major repairs were approved by the warranty company, without the need for an inspection!  That means that we will get a new residential fridge, a Samsung, the sleep number bed will be repaired, and the toilet leak will be fixed.  Since we prepaid for the fender ($1300+) it will be about a wash for the entire job.  Bad news is we won't start the fridge installation until Friday, which means we will have to delay the bodywork until next week.  Justin will go shopping for the fridge tomorrow at Lowe's.